Free Start

Judgement Free Zone

Unlike other estate companies we don’t judge your estate and turn you away because it’s not “worth our time”. It’s not just about the sale and there’s always a way we can help.

The Free Start Meeting is your opportunity to decide what to do next. Here’s what will happen:

  1. You’ll schedule a time to walk the estate property with us. Invite as many family members as you’d like to be involved.
  2. Together, we’ll poke through closet, cabinets, and drawers and do a quick assessment of the estate. You don’t need to clean up or prepare anything – most of all don’t throw anything away!
  3. We’ll walk you through our solutions and highlight the one’s that are the best fit for your situation.
  4. You’ll decide which route to take; we can help a little, a lot, or (sadly) not at all – there’s no commitment. You’re in control.

Email me at jenny (at)