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It’s Your Choice

Estate Sale

It’s not junk! Your home does not need to look like an antiques store to be a good candidate for an estate sale. The antiques market is changing rapidly and most of today’s buyers aren’t looking for period furniture and finery, they want unique statement pieces that reflect their individuality, regardless of the age or value. Let us help you navigate what today’s tastemakers are looking for and how to best maximize your proceeds.

Total Estate Sale

The belongings in your home are just part of the picture. Your estate sale will attract hundreds of potential buyers for the home itself. Unkempt lawns and landscaping, dirty window, sagging gutters, and peeling paint can not only detract buyers but could also hurt your estate sale proceeds. Hire us for a Total Estate Sale and we not only sell the belongings, we also help prepare the home – it’s the total package.

DIY Estate Clearing Plan

For a flat fee we’ll perform an assessment of your home and belongings, and provide a written plan that outlines exactly how to clear your home for the maximum profit possible. Your written plan will cover every aspect of liquidating an estate, including the house itself.  This is a great option to consider if you’re unsure what your first step should be.

Sorting Services

An estate sale is not always your best option for clearing a home. With our hourly Sorting Services you can still get help with sorting, organizing, pricing, research and coordination. We can work side-by-side with you or solo.

Photo Services

Photo restoration, digitizing, and archiving are available. We also offer professional photography services for our DIY clients and of the home itself for sentimental value or for real estate listings.

Ready to Get Help?

If you’re faced with clearing a home the best thing to do is to check out all of your options. There’s never a fee, there’s no commitment, and there’s always a way we can help.

Ethics are always included

  • Our DoorsOpen™ Policy means you’re always welcome to work along side us and you’ll never be told to stay away from your sale.
  • See what you had and where it went with our SquareUp Report™. We provide a detailed accounting of every item (over $5) and every sale or donation.
  • Lost, hidden or overlooked, our No-Sale Service™ seeks to find it all. Our process includes an exhaustive discovery phase and a pre-sale review to ensure that nothing goes that shouldn’t.
  • It’s your sale. We don’t bring in others belongings, buy from our sales, consign, or do dealer pre-sales without your express permission, and then only if it benefits you.