Making Difficult Decisions Easier

Clearing a lifetime of belongings is no easy task. Whether you need a little help, or a full estate sale, Square House is the only estate services company that makes sure you won’t be left wondering:

Open Door Policy

You’re always welcome to work alongside us and you’ll never be told to stay away from your sale.

Heirloom Awareness

We provide checks and balances to make sure everything that should stay in the family, does.

Financial Accountability

We provide a detailed accounting of every item listed (over $5) and every transaction that occurred.

We make sure you won’t miss a thing. Square House is the most ethical, professional, and customer focused estate services company around. 

What We Do

More Than The Sale

Square House provides four levels of estate clearing services, including hosting estate sales (or tag sales), for clients in the Madison, WI area. We can do just a little, we can do what’s traditional, or we can do it all – whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Our estate sales are clean, organized, and professionally marketed, and our crew is the friendliest and most customer focused team you’ll find.

We leverage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, search engine marketing, and other digital marketing methods to bring a generationally diverse and active group of buyers to each sale we host. We understand what younger buyers are looking for and we cater to their specific needs.

Ready to Get Help?

If you’re faced with clearing a home the best thing to do is to check out all of your options. There’s never a fee, there’s no commitment, and there’s always a way we can help.

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